First blog post

Hi guys,

My first post how scary! So the main reason I wanted to do this blog is to share my experiences and knowledge of my journey to becoming the groom I am today.

I started my journey as a groom aged 13, working weekends and evenings at a competition yard near me.
From school I went to writtle college to complete a national diploma in equine management, whilst still working at the competition yard. When I left college I became head girl at that yard.
I moved to reading for a year when I was 19/20 and worked at a private dressage yard, I loved this.
When I returned home I went back to work where I had before until 2012 when I left to volunteer at the Paralympics for a month.
From here I started my role as equine technician at the RVC, I worked there for about 18 months. This was great, I learned so much about the equine veterinary world, which has expanded my knowledge immensely.
This takes us to where I am today, head girl and competition groom for an international dressage rider.

Thanks for taking a look at my blog, keep a look out for my next post soon 😊

Kate xx

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