Location, location, location


One of the great things about being a groom is that you can travel all over the world! I am lucky with my job that it involves a lot of travel to various shows across England and Europe, and I am able to live at home and it only takes me 3 minutes to get to work.

However, if a show groom isn’t for you but you want to work in a different country, then there are plenty of jobs all over the world in every discipline.


Before you go jetting off across the country or even the world there are a few things to consider;

  • The climate/weather, will you be happy in extreme heat or cold? Or would you prefer a more moderate climate?
  • Distance from home. Will you get home sick? How often will you be able to visit home?
  • Do you know the language? Sometimes it can create a barrier if you do not speak the language and could make you feel isolated or lonely.
  • Do you know anyone? It is not a bad thing if you don’t, it’s always great to meet new people but it could make a big change easier if you already know people there, even if not at work but in the area.
  • Location. Where is it based countryside/town, and how easy is it to get to civilization if it is in the countryside?
  • Salary. What is the pay and does the job come with accommodation and bills, if not will the salary be enough to be able to rent somewhere?
  • Accommodation. Does the job provide any, if not where is the nearest, most affordable?
  • Accessibility. If you do not live on site will you have access to a vehicle to get to work and to local amenities?
  • Do you need a visa? If so how easy is it to get one and long does it take?
  • Discipline. What discipline do you want to work in? is it seasonal? for example polo and hunting. when is the best time to go and what’s the best country for that discipline?


So you’ve decided what discipline you want to work within, next is where or what country is it popular in? below is a list of examples of places that certain disciplines are particularly popular.

  • Polo – England, Dubai, New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, America, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Iran, India, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland
  • Racing – there are so many countries in which this is such a big industry but here are few of the most popular. England, Dubai, America, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Ireland.
  • Dressage – Again there are so many countries where this is such a popular discipline. England, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, America, Canada.
  • Show jumping – The same as dressage is very popular across the globe in nearly every continent, the list is endless.
  • Eventing – England, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, America, France, Germany, Italy.
  • Hunting – England, Ireland, America, New Zealand, Canada, France.


I advise that once you’ve decided where and in what discipline you want to work that you do your research. Speak to as many people as possible about the place you want to work, you can never have too much information!

Looking online as well is a really good resource, there are several good websites specifically designated to working abroad with horses. Look at forums, post on them and ask about people’s experiences.

Below are a few websites that are worth a look if you’re considering working abroad or at home with horses.



Kate xx

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