Anti bullying vlog

Hey everyone,

I have done a vlog (link below) to address the issue of bullying within the equestrian industry and horse world. No matter who you are from a happy hacker to an Olympic gold medalist the world of horses is a tough place and no matter who you are someone will have something to say on what you are doing or how you are doing it! As a community we need to try and be nicer to each other it’s tough enough getting through the day without negative comments and bullying. As well as the link to my vlog i have included some other links to go with what i have spoken about in my vlog, and some hashtags to use when posting on social media. So please watch my vlog and take a look at the links and use the hashtags and hopefully as a community we can make the horse world a nicer place to work and enjoy!

#notonmyyard #antibullying #groomsminds

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