It seems summer may be over …

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all had a brilliant summer with your horses, unfortunately I think it’s finally time to admit summer is fading and winter is on the way.

So with this in mind its time to start thinking about planning and preparing for the hopefully not so long or cold winter ahead.

This is the time of year to do things like:
• Send clipper blades for sharpening 
• Send clippers for servicing (if needed) (Have a look at Clippersharp)
• Send rugs for cleaning and reproofing
• Make sure taps are properly insulated 
• Check all lights are working 
• Make any repairs to stables, barns, fencing before any adverse weather and clocks changing
• Get a stock of bedding, hay and feed in

As well as thinking about the things around the yard that need to be done before any adverse weather and fading daylight, now is the time to think about any changes that may need making to your horses diet.

For many the first thing that comes to mind is looking after any elderly horses that might need a diet change to help keep weight on throughout the winter months. I would always suggest contacting a nutritionist from a reputable feed company for advice.

Every spring and autumn we have the brilliant Laura from Baileys Horse Feedscome to the yard with the weigh bridge to check all of the horses and discuss any dietary changes and requirements and we adjust the feeds accordingly.

Think about getting the vet out to do an MOT on your horses, check they are healthy and happy coming into winter, this will give you a chance to discuss any health concerns you may have and ensure you’re up to date on vaccines and worming programme.

As well as thinking about the yard and the horses don’t forget the lorries, trailers and your own car. Are they winter ready? Do they need any adjustments making or servicing. Winter tyres can be a great investment on your own car to help you get about if we have the same amount of snow as last year.

Also take the time to think about your own wardrobe. Is your winter coat still warm and waterproof, do you have good thermal base layers, are your wellies still in good repair? There is nothing worse than having to wear plastic bags inside them! And don’t forget gloves… do you still have enough pairs of gloves – without holes in?

(The BGA shop does a great range of clothing designed with grooms in mind and to help keep you warm).

A lot of places have sales on at the moment so this is a good opportunity to update your wardrobe if needed and save some money.

Sorry to talk about winter when it’s still technically summer, but it’s much better to be prepared.

Until the next time,


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